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  • Making life better, sooner in 2018

    29 January at 07:37 from atlas

    If you're not meeting your full potential, why not consider Life Coaching?  Sometimes it seems we are going round in circles. Often ...

  • Problem Gambling Counselling news

    22 February at 07:15 from atlas

    I am now able to offer free problem gambling counselling.  Please contact me directly, or through Problem Gambling Foundation.

  • Understanding anger and preventing violence. Want to more???

    20 June at 08:30 from atlas

    This training/education presentation is open to all interested in reducing levels of violence in New Zealand.  This down to earth ...

  • Still putting off making those changes??

    6 April at 09:17 from atlas

    Call me and let's get on with making your life better, sooner.

  • 2016- What are you going to do?

    5 April at 10:42 from atlas

    Finally hung my beach towel up for the season and looking at getting into some exciting new projects for 2016.  Want to make ...

  • Depression, rugby and meeting JFK

    15 September at 11:20 from atlas

    Sir John Kirwan gave a fascinating presentation on depression, rugby, anxiety and suicide prevention in Hawera in August.  Follow ...

  • Want to make changes in 2015???

    12 January at 07:21 from atlas

    Find out what you really want and how you can make it happen for you!!!

  • Looking for more in 2015?

    12 January at 07:11 from atlas

    Xmas and New Year is all over and we are looking forward to what 2015 will bring.  Of course many things are out of our control, ...

  • World Suicide Prevention Day 2014

    19 September at 11:12 from atlas

    Displays were orgranised in most Taranaki Libraries during World Suicide Prevention week, from September 8th - 14th.  The theme was ...

  • Are you one of 350 million people worldwide with depression???

    29 July at 06:57 from atlas

    Would you like to do some intensive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to learn strategies to minimise the effects of depression on your ...


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