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Things not going right for you? Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, gambling, stress, relationship problems etc???? First step - call me!

Counselling -helping you to make a difference in your life. Fast paced and effective. Working in all areas of mental health, relationships, motivation, career choice. Present, past and future work - your choice.

Depression, anxiety, stress and burn-out can happen to anyone. Depression is fast becoming the number one world health problem. I can help by teaching you strategies and changing thinking, behaviour and perspectives.

Suicide Prevention Specialist Counsellor/Educator.

Free counselling for under 19's under the Iamhope/Gumboot Friday scheme. Anxiety, depression, bullying and concerns about suicidal ideation.

Now able to offer free gambling counselling!!

Relationship problems??? Let's see if we can work together to make things better sooner. Understanding each other and communicating effectively are key components of a healthy relationship.

Men are welcome - having two grown up sons, I have grown used to hearing, and gaining understanding of the male perspective on everything (-: Some talk about feelings can help, but I am also a logical and practical problem solver.

Mediation. Workplace issues are often addressed more effectively by mediating with staff members.

My name is Sylvia Huitson and if you want results then contact me.

Counselling fee: $132.25 (inc GST) per session (one hour)

Workplace Wiz Intervention/Consultation fee - Mediation to improve staff relationships - troubleshooting -$149.50 per hour (inc GST)

Sylvia Huitson

Active Intentions and Suicide Prevention Services (

MEd. (Hons.)

PGDip Ed. (DipGuidance Studies)

BA Psychology & History


Member NZ Assn Counsellors (MNZAC)

Member International Assn. for Suicide Prevention (MIASP) -NZ Representative

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